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SQL Course, SQL Queries, 1 Day

SQL Course. 1 day, summary

With SQL Queries, get interesting, insightful and essential business intelligence from data by using SQL queries on this SQL Course. Queries are made easy and simple by this hands-on, practical course. Ask your SQL questions in small, friendly classroom SQL Course. Save hours of online training.
This course is Platform Independant.
This 1 Day course is packed with power query techniques.
This SQL Introduction Course is hands-on and practical with many excellent query examples.

SQL Course London Description

Relational Database Concepts:

What is a Relational Database?
Tables, Rows and Columns
Indexes, Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
Data Types

SQL Language Essentials:

The SQL Select Statement
SQL Conditions and the Where Clause: >,<,>=,<=,=,, Not, Between, AND, OR, Like, Wildcards
The SQL Order By Clause
SQL Arithmetic Operations, Expression Queries
SQL Column Aliases
Limit/Top, Distinct
Working with Null Values

SQL Summarizing and Grouping Data:

Aggregate Functions (Sum, Avg, Count, Max, Min)
The Group By Clause
The Having Clause

Querying Multiple Tables:

Joining Tables
Inner Joins, Outer Joins, Self Joins, Full Joins, Cross Joins
Alternative Join Syntax

Additional SQL Features:

Combining Queries
The Union, Intersect and Minus Operators
Basic Subqueries

What is included in the SQL Course:
  • SQL Course Certificate on completion
  • SQL Course notes
  • Practical SQL Course exercises, SQL Code Examples
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online SQL Course via
  • Max group size on this SQL Course London is 4.
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