About Us
What do we do?
  • We offer training courses!
  • Courses in Java, Python, C#, Database, SQL, Data visualisation, Excel, Excel VBA
  • We run public scheduled coursed, but are best bespoke
  • Our clients vary in size and industry, e.g. Kings College London, Wigan Council, ScotLogic, Bumble, D2H Group
Best for bespoke!
  • Customisation for all: Per individual or company.
  • Customisation for one or many: For 1 person or a group.
  • What do we customise: Dates, Times, Location, Outline
  • How does it work? Contact us to request customisation
  • Personalised: Small groups, max 4 delegates.
  • 1-1 training: Our courses often run on a 1-1 basis.
  • 1-1 Hourly Mentoring: Students on bootcamps work with a 1-1 mentor.
  • Practical in the classroom: We demo and run scripts and give student exercises to complete
  • Practical after the classroom: Personal is best! And classrooms are expensive! Request per email.
  • Practical in our resources: We supply worked exercises and code samples with our notes
  • Regular Coding Hackathons: Keep a watch on our course schedules for monthly hackathons, to participate in collaborative coding challenges
Training Locations
  • Online: Gotomeeting.com

  • Classroom: Personal is best! And classrooms are expensive! Request per email.
  • London Classroom: Trafalgar Square
  • Manchester Classroom: Pall Mall
  • Birmingham Classroom: 1 Victoria Square
  • Milton Keynes Classroom: Midsummer Boulevard
  • Portsmouth Classroom: Lakeside North Harbour
  • Southend-on-Sea Classroom: The Forum
Included with all Courses at PCWorkshops:
  • PCWorkshops Course Certificate on completion
  • Course Manual
  • Practical Course exercises
  • Code Samples
  • Support: After the course, 1-hour free online session for questions
  • Personalisation: Max group size, online and in classroom, is 4.
Learn Android
What is Android? Android is a Microsoft product that works together to turn your data sources into coherent, visually immersive, interactive business intelligence.
Is Android Worth Learning? Android has evolved to an excellent product, proud of a number of outstanding features making it a very competitive and popular data visualisation tool. Anyone who wishes to learn a marketable skill, would find studying Android is an excellent choice.
What's good about Android? Microsoft has a proven track record in the field of technology, and is a reliable software provider.
What's good about Android? Android is as easy as impressive drag-and-drop features to create spectacular data visualisations. It can be used on both on-premise and on-cloud platforms.
Android Course uk
Android Course uk

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