Java Crossover Course for Coders
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Java CrossOver Course for Coders

    • From £290
    • 1-Day, 11am - 6pm
    • Online, Instructor-led, Interactive, Practical
    • Java Basics to coders who are converting to Java from a different coding language.
      You do not need much time to learn the syntax of Java, because you have done similar work in other programming languages
      Hands-on, Practical Course, Instructor-led Course.
      Online with
      1 day, from 11am - 6pm.
      In classroom at on request only. Locations

Java CrossOver Course description
Overview of Java:

This course covers Java Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.

Java Data Types and using Variables in Java:

Here we learn to code using data types and variables of different data types: Primitives; Characters; Boolean; Variables and variable scope; String class; Type conversion and casting.

Java Operators and Expressions:

What are operators and how to use them; Arithmetic operators; Relational operators; Assignment operator; Logical operators; Increment and decrement operators.

Decision Making:

The Java Syntax for the If-statement; If,else; If,else if,else; Nested if; Switch Statements;

Using Loops:

For loops, while loops, do while, Enhanced for loop; Nesting loops; break, continue; The return statement.


Working with arrays, 2-d arrays, iterating arrays. Using the for-each loop with Arrays


Working with lists. Lists vs Arrays.

Files,streams with Java:

Open, Read and Write to CSV Files, txt files and bin files.

Exception Handling:

Fundamentals of exception handling; Exception types; Using try and catch; Multiple catch clauses; Nested try statements; Throw and throws; The finally blocks

Introduction to Classes and Objects:

Creating a Class; Creating an Object; Using an Object; Adding Instance variables; Controlling accessibility; Naming conventions for class members. Class Constructors; Parameterized Constructors; Inheritance. Abstraction. Interfaces and implementing interfaces. Override. Polymorphism. The dot operator, this keyword, the static keywords, the super keyword.

Using Methods:

Introduction of methods; Creating a Method in class; Calling a Method; Returning value from a Method; Adding a Method that takes parameters;

More in Methods and Classes:

Overloading methods; Overloading Constructors; Using objects as parameters; Returning objects; Recursion; Access control : private, public and protected; The final keyword.

What is included
  • PCWorkshops Course Certificate on completion
  • Java Course Notes
  • Java Code Examples
  • Practical Java Course exercises, Java Course Revision work
  • After the course: 1-Hour personalised online revision session
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