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Data Visualization Courses London

MS Power BI Course summary

Data Visualization Courses London. In this Power BI Course, you will learn how to translate data trends, summaries, statistics and insights from your data into powerful and inspirational Visualations This course is ideal for managers and data analysts who need to make business descisions based on data.

The course duration is 1 day.

MS Power BI 1-Hour Taster

Our 1 hour Power BI taster gives an excellent summary of Power BI. Is give you the basics, so that you could decide on a full course, or teach yourself from there.
Terminology overview, Get Data, Visual Basics, Format The Visual, Change the Formulae, Add KPI's, Add Dynamic Filters, Addd the visual to a Dashboard
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MS Power BI 1-day Full Course Description

Connect to your data source and various data sources.
Understand MS POWER BI terminology and interface.


Creating visuals,
Chart types,
Geographic maps,
Heat maps,
Tree maps,
Pie charts,
bar charts and many other types of charts,
Importing custom designs and custom chart types.
Choosing suitable chart types.
Single measures, multiple measure,
double axes, displaying dates, drilldown, sorting visuals.
Analysis Lines.
Filters and slicers.


Formatting visuals.

Working with the data:

Preparing data using queries.
Calculations: Create calculated columns and measures.
Columns vs Measures.
Quick Measures.


Built-in Functions for dates, maths and strings.

DAX calculations:

DAX calculations.

Final presentation:

Final presentation: Reports, publish reports, create dashboards

What is included in the MS Power BI Courses:
  • MS Power BI Course Certificate on completion
  • MS Power BI Course notes
  • Practical MS Power BI Course exercises, MS Power BI Course Homework / MS Power BI Course Revision work
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online MS Power BI Course via
  • Max group size, online and in classroom, on this MS Power BI Course is 4.
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