Java Course 1 hour. Code the Hangman

    Python Course, code the Hangman. Basic Python Course covers in one hour the coding of an interesting app.
    Any one very welcome.
    Our Style: Hands-on, Practical
    Location: Online, Instructor-led
    Duration: 1 Hour
    Times: arrange a time for your time zone

Python Basics Course Description

Learn to code the Hangman Game in 1 hour. 
Essentials of Python programming, explaining Python technology.
Practical Python lessons and Python exercises.
Great Tutors. 
Learn plenty in one day: Code The Hangman Game in Python

Code the Hangman Game

Python Course 1 Hour:
STEP 1: Using variables. Arithmetic operations. Strings. String Functions
STEP 2: Getting user input from console. Decision Making (If-else).
STEP 3: For and While Loops. Repeat code by using loops.
STEP 4: Lists: Create, Update, Iterate Lists. Using indexes to refer to individual values.
STEP 5: Object Oriented Programming: Functions. Classes.
STEP 6: Create the Hangman Game.

What is included with The Python Course 1 Hour
  • PCWorkshops Python Course Certificate on completion
  • Python Course Notes
  • Python Code Examples
  • Practical Python Course exercises and Code Samples
  • After the course: 1-Hour personalised online revision session
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