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Python Data Analytics Course

Python Data Analytics Course summary

Python is excellent for working with large datasets.
This course covers popular libraries designed for Python Data Analytics, like numPy, Pandas, sciPy and Matplotlib. <
These libraries and library functions clean, reshape, manipulate and summarise data.
Duration: 2 Consecutive Days, the first of which shows as the booking date.
Our Style: This Python Data Course course is hands-on, practical.
Group size: Max 4 people, so we have time for personalised attention.

Session 1:

Brief Revision of Python Basics.

Session 2: Data Structures

Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, List and Dict Comprehensions
Reading and writing CSV files into a Python program: The CSV module,
Txt Files. Bytes and Unicode with files. Json Files. Exception Handling.
Linking with SQL Database, Insert Tables, Insert, Update and delete records. Select queries, traverse and display query results.
Inteacting with Api's

Session 3: Numpy

The Python NumPy Module: Working with arrays, array manipulation, string, math, arithmetic and statistical functions.

Session 4: Python Pandas

Dataframes, Series, Indexing, Sorting, Filter, Slicing, Iteration, Functions, Aggregation, Merge/join, Concatenation,
Date/ Time Functionality. Time series.

Session 5: Data Cleaning and preparation

Finding and filtering Missing data, Remove Duplicates, Transforing data using fundction and mapping, Replacing values, Renaming Axis Indexes, Discretization and Binning, Random Sampling. String objects, Regex.

Session 6: Data Wrangling

Hierarchical Indexing, Reorder, Sorting, Stastitics, Dataframe Joins, Merging, Concatenation, Overlap. Reshaping and pivoting.

Session 7: Python SciPy

Introduction and overview of SciPy.

Session 8: Python MatPlotLib.

Introducing to plotting data with MatPlotLib

What is included in the Python Courses:
  • Python Course Certificate on completion
  • Python Course notes
  • Practical Python Course exercises, Python Course Homework / Python Course Revision work
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online Python Course via
  • Max group size on this Python Course is 4.
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