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Microsoft Project Advanced Course, 1 Day, 1-to-1

Microsoft Project Advanced Course summary

This MS Project Advanced course is an intensive, hands-on, one-day training course, concentrating on complex calendars, complex costs, multiple baselines, multiple projects and other advanced MS Project features.

This is a one day course, one a one-to-one basis, attending to individual questions and issues.

Group bookings could be requested via our contact page

Microsoft Project Advanced Course Description:

Working with Complex Calendars in MS Project:

Multiple Project Calendars
Task Calendars
Resource Calendars
Time zones

Complex costs in MS Project:

Fixed Costs
Multiple resource rates
Overtime rates
Per Use Costs
Cost Resources vs Material Resources

Multiple baselines in MS Project:

Creating mutliple baselines
Viewing mutliple baselines
Reporting with mutliple baselines

Resource Pools in MS Project:

Creating and using resource pools
Allocating from the pool
Recognising and Resolving resource overallocations when managing multiple projects

Managing Multiple Projects:

Combining projects as subprojects to view them together
Creating, Viewing and Updating Subprojects
Baselining multiple projects
Tracking multiple projects

What is included in the Microsoft Project Advanced Courses:
  • Microsoft Project Advanced Course Certificate on completion
  • Microsoft Project Advanced Course notes
  • Practical Microsoft Project Advanced Course exercises, Microsoft Project Advanced Course Homework / Microsoft Project Advanced Course Revision work
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online Microsoft Project Advanced Course via
  • Max group size, online and in classroom, on this Microsoft Project Advanced Course is 4.
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