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MS Access Advanced Course

MS Access Advanced Course summary

This MS Access Advanced Course mostly covering creating advanced MS Access Reports, forms and macros.
Create and amend Advanced Forms and Advanced Reports. Macro buttons.
This assists you to build user friendly forms to facilitate effective navigation, effective data capture and effective viewing and querying data
This course will help you to structure MS Access tables, import and manage your data effectively.

Our private style tuition helps to maximise the value that each delegate gets from the day.

MS Access versions 2007 and later, Mac & PC.

MS Access Advanced Course description

Session 1: Database Concepts

Database design: planning the database and its purpose
Referential Integrity
Creating tables, datatypes, primary keys
Table Relationships
Importing data, and the planning of data migration

Session 2: MS Access Queries

Brief Query revision

Session 3: MS Access Forms

Using MS Access Subforms
Creating a Navigation Form
Restricting Form Entries - controlling input
Exporting a Form
Other Form Tasks

Session 4: MS Access Reports

Creating MS Access reports
Microsoft Access Macros
Creating command buttons, create menu systems

What is included in the MS Access Advanced Courses:
  • MS Access Advanced Course Certificate on completion
  • MS Access Advanced Course notes
  • Practical MS Access Advanced Course exercises, MS Access Advanced Code Samples/ MS Access Advanced Course Revision work
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online MS Access Advanced Course via
  • Max group size, online and in classroom, on this MS Access Advanced Course is 4.
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