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Python is one of the most popular programming languages of the 21st century.
Its popularity is currently on the rise.
More and more companies are taking it on to make coding easier and cut the development time.
In fact, such big names as Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Disney, and IBM all use Python as one of their primary languages, proving that it is worth studying.

PCWorkshops offers Python coding courses to companies who aim to embrace new technologies and want to improve the skill sets of their employees.

Our teachers are professionals in their field and focus on delivering high-quality workshops packed with valuable information. We guarantee personalised attention to every delegate. We make sure to provide well-paced and well-structured lessons good examples and exercises. PCWorkshops selection of Python courses includes:

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Benefits of attending Python classes in London

    Python is widely used in web development, gaming, machine learning framework, prototyping, graphic design application, and so much more. Here are some of its advantages:
  • Easy to learn
  • Python coding courses hardly ever take more than a couple of days because of how understandable the language is. At the same time, it opens huge development opportunities, which means that reaping maximum benefits with minimum cost and effort.
  • Higher productivity
  • After a short Python course, a programmer’s productivity will skyrocket. To someone who is currently using C++, C#, C, Perl, VB, or Java, a switch to Python with its clean object-oriented designs and extensive support libraries will boost their workflow ten times.
  • Versatile
    Developers love Python because it is portable and extensible, which enables cross-language operations. What is more, Python is supported by all the major operating systems and allows integration with .NET and Java components.

    The PCWorkshops Python short course for beginners covers all the basics such as iterables, data types, resource and file management, objects, collections, classes, modularity, APIs, handling errors as well as the deployment of Python apps.

    The Data Analysis Course studies the libraries for Python that are used for data analytics. These include SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas.

    The Machine Learning Course teaches the statistics basics for Python, the main machine learning concepts as well as standard Python libraries.

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