Python Boot Camp, 12-weeks Blended Learning Program, £2100
Course details
Python Boot Camp Course Summary.

Python Bootcamp Course Summary.
This execellent Python Programming program will help you to learn coding in Python thoroughly.
Learn programming from scratch to job-ready.

    "Blended "learning programming:
  • Instructor-led lessons: 1 full day lesson per week
  • Self-study and
  • 1-1 mentoring sessions to learn Python
  • Part-time, study while working

Hands-on, Practical Course.
Max 4 people per group.
PCWorkshops Certificate

Course Details
How does it work
  • Blended Learning: 1 weekly lesson for 12 weeks, Plus 1-1 Mentoring, Plus self-study
  • Study Level: Learn Python from scratch to job ready.
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Classroom Times:
    Weekly Instructor-Led lesson, 11am - 6pm
    Online or Classroom
  • Self-study: +-15 hours per week.
  • 1-1 Mentoring: to be scheduled individually, with dedicated trainer
  • Python Boot Camp Certification
    Python certificate: PCWorkshops Python certificate

  • Practical Python Exercises
    Exercises weekly
    Many code examples
    Quizzes, tests, contests
  • Live Practical Project
    Upload and showcase your project
Where is the Python Boot Camp?

Online:, Connection details are emailed to you upon booking booking Classroom: Due to Covid Currently not available, but request per email

How to Pay
  • Python Boot Camp Price: £2100, Follow the booking link
  • Email us to pay in installments
Weekly topics and other details
Weekly Python lesson topic descriptions

  • Overview of Python Fundamentals:
  • Learn Python Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles;
  • Python Data Types, Variables:
  • Primitive types; Characters; Boolean; Working with variables and its scope; Type conversion and casting;
  • Strings
  • String Functions, Strings vs numbers vs dates.
  • Getting user input.
  • Python Operators and Expressions:
  • Introduction of operators; Arithmetic operators; Relational operators; Assignment operator; Logical operators; Increment and decrement operators.
  • Decision Making:
  • If statement; If - else statement; If- else if - else statement; Nested if - else; Switch Statements
  • Using Loops:
  • The while, do-while and the for loop; Enhanced for loop; Jump statements : break, continue; The return statement; Nesting loops.
  • Using Methods:
    Learn Python method basics. Defining Methods, Parameters, Returning values, Overloading methods, Calling methods. Encapsulation.

  • Lists. Tuples. Sets, Dictionary. Json Files.
  • Using Built-in modules and functions for strings, maths and dates.
  • Exception Handling, Files, Streams.

  • OOP Principals
  • Using Modules, Parameters
  • Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Constructors, Override, Inner classes

  • Database concepts, Realational Database
  • Data Types
  • Columns, Tables
  • Relationships
  • Create and drop a databases
  • Create,drop and alter tables
  • SQL queries, joins, aggregates
  • Insert, Update and deleting records

  • Connect to a database,
  • create database, drop a database,
  • create a table, alter tables, drop a table,
  • insert, delete, update records,
  • query a database and display results,
  • Data Driven Python Project.

  • Numpy Arrays
  • Numpy Built-In Functions
  • Numpy Calculations

  • Pandas Series
  • Data Cleaning
  • and transforming data

  • Query a Pandas Dataframe
  • Data Analytics

  • Chart Types: Creating Bar, Column, Line, Scatter, Pie, Area, Histogram, Funnel Charts,
  • Formatting: Changing gridlines lines, axes, scales, markers, colours,
  • Chart Elements: legends, titles, plot seizes, exporting.

  • Python Tkinter Front-ends
  • Basics

  • Python Tkinter Front-ends
  • Intermediate/Advanced

  • Getting Started with HTML
  • Getting Started with CSS
  • Getting Started with Php
  • Getting Started with JavaScripts

  • Python Coding Boot Camp Self-Study Program:

  • Video TutorialsExcellent videos, short and easy
    Python Coding Examples All lessons are illustrated with code examples
    Manuals and Notes Reference materials
    Exercises Exercises after every class
    Tests Many tests to re-inforce

  • 1-1 Mentoring:

  • Book 1-1 Sessions Individually
    Dedicated trainer per student

  • Practical Projects:

  • Projects Combine the exercises into great projects
    Show case your projects on Github

    Python Boot Camp Course Materials
    • Python Boot Camp Certificate on completion
    • Python Boot Camp Videos
    • Python Boot Camp Notes
    • Python Code Examples
    • Practical Python Boot Camp exercises, Python Course Revision work
    • Mock tests and contests for the Python certificate
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