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Java Taster Course

Java Taster Course summary

Code the Hangman Game in only one hour!
Basics made simple! Learn the basics quickly. Create a fun game by coding The Hangman .
Get to know what is Java coding.
Will you enjoy a coding career?
Or for coders, simply fast-track crossing over to Java.

Java Taster Course description


Using Java data types, variables. Integers. Strings. String Functions


Getting user input from console. Decision Making(If-else, Switch)


For and While Loops to repeat the execution of code.


Arrays: Variables with multiples values. Using indexes to refer to individual values.


Have some fun! Code the Java Hangman Game .

Java Taster Course information

Java is easy to learn and it a good for Java basics.
Java is easy, learn it before every one else does.
Java is object-oriented. This allows you to create modular programs and reusable Java code.
Java is platform-independent. Java has the ability to move easily from one computer system to another.

The Java Taster is a quick way to get intoJava coding, by a quick and easy summary session of Java basics.

What is included in the Java Taster Courses:
  • Java Taster, Code the Hangman Course Certificate on completion
  • Java Hangman Course notes
  • Practical Java Taster Course exercises, Java Code Examples
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online Java Taster Course via
  • Max group size, online and in classroom, on this Java Taster Course is 4.
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