Java JUnit Course
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Java JUnit Course

    Duration: 1 Day
    Who would find this course useful? This is useful if you have some Java coding skills already.
    Location: Attend from your internet connection.
    Download: Java JDK and Eclipse. Learn the basic principles of Unit Testing, using Java JUnit in this excellent, practical, interactive Java Webinar.

    In software testing, is the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. Test automation is the use of software to control these execution of tests.
    JUnit is a framenwork facilitating unit testing for the Java programming language.
    This 1 day course explains the use of JUnit for unit testing a Java project.
    By completing this tutorial you will gain sufficient knowledge in using JUnit testing framework from where you can take yourself to next levels.

Java JUnit Course Description

JUnit 1-Day Course Outline:

  • Overview: Different types of testing
  • Principles of unit testing
  • JUnit Environment Setup
  • JUnit Test Framework
  • JUnit Basic Usage
  • JUnit API
  • Writing a Tests
  • Using Assertion
  • Execution Procedure
  • Executing Tests
  • Suite Test
  • Ignore Test
  • Time Test
  • Exceptions Test
  • Parameterized Test
  • Plug with Ant
  • Plug with Eclipse
  • JUnit Extensions

What is included
  • PCWorkshops Course Certificate on completion
  • Java Course Notes
  • Java Code Examples
  • Practical Java Course exercises, Java Course Homework / Java Course Revision work
  • After the course: 1-Hour personalised online revision session
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