SQL Advanced Course, 2 Days
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SQL Advanced Course Summary.

Practical SQL Advanced Intensive Course , exploring the advanced and less commonly used SQL Statements and techniques.
We also learn Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language statements,
as well as course automation of queries using T-SQL.
Hands-on, Practical SQL Advanced Course.
PCWorkshops SQL Advanced Course Certificate.
Max 4 people per course, we keep it personalised.

Where is the SQL Advanced Course?
  • Online: Instructor-led.
  • Classroom: Request per email.
SQL Advanced Course Materials
  • SQL Coding Examples
  • Manuals and Notes: In-depth reference materials
  • Exercises: Practical exercises
Payment for SQL Course Advanced
  • £600, Follow the booking link
  • Arrange for installments
Included with SQL Advanced Course:
  • SQL Advanced Course Certificate on completion.
  • SQL Advanced Course Manual.
  • Practical SQL Advanced Course exercises
  • SQL Code Samples.
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions.
  • Max group size, online and in classroom, on this SQL Advanced Course is 4.
SQL Course Advanced Topics
  • Database Concepts Revision:
    What is a database, Tables, rows and columns, Indexes, primary keys, foreign keys,
  • SQL Sub-queries:
    ·Sub-queries in the WHERE, SELECT, From or Having clauses
    ·Using SOME, ALL, ANY and IN clauses in the Where Clause
    ·Self-contained sub-queries
    ·Correlated sub-queries
    ·Sub-queries with the EXISTS predicate
  • Derived Tables and CTEs:
    ·Using SQL derived tables
    ·SQL Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
    ·Recursive CTEs
  • Views:
    Create, alter and drop Views, Indexes
  • SQL Stored Procedure Basics:
    ·Stored Procedure Principles
    ·Creating stored procedures
    ·Executing stored procedures
    ·System stored procedures
  • Variables:
    ·Declaring variables
    ·SET versus SELECT
    Parameters and Return Values
    ·Passing parameters
    ·Default values and WHERE clauses
    ·Output parameters
    ·Using RETURN
    ·Testing Conditions
    ·The IF/ELSE statement
  • Looping:
    ·Syntax of SQL WHILE
    ·Breaking out of a loop
    ·Basic transactions
    ·Beginning a transaction
    ·Committing/rolling back
    ·Deleting and updating
    ·Using DELETE and UPDATE
    ·Dropping objects
  • User defined Functions:
    Table Valued Functions
    ·In-line table-valued functions
    ·Multi- Statement table-valued functions
    ·Limitations of user-defined functions
    Scalar Functions
    ·What are scalar functions?
    ·Some examples
    ·Disadvantages of scalar functions
    ·Three advantages
  • Cursors:
    ·Syntax of fetching rows
    ·When to use (and when not to)
  • Triggers:
    ·Create or replace triggers
  • Creating Tables in SQL:
    ·Create, alter and drop Tables
    ·Inserting values, single rows and multiple rows using queries
  • Constraints:
    ·Not Null, Unique,Default,Check,Primary Key,Foreign Key,Identity / Auto-increments
  • Sequencing
  • Indexes
  • SQL Temporary Tables and Table Variables:
    ·Create and use SQL temporary tables
    ·Create and use SQL table variables
    ·SQL Tables vs. Table Variables
  • Error-Handling:
    ·SQL System error functions
    ·Customizing SQL error messages
    ·@@ error function
  • Debugging:
    ·The SQL Server debugger, Debugging (breakpoints, etc.)
About SQL Course Advanced
SQL Course Advanced
SQL Course Advanced
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SQL Course Advanced
SQL Course Advanced

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