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Python UnitTest Course summary

Location: Attend from your internet connection.
Duration: 1 Day
Time Zone: We run at the moment at British Summer Time (BST). International students are very welcome to request customised timing.
Who would find this course useful? This is useful if you have some Python coding skills already.
Download: Anaconda and test Spyder

Python UnitTest Course description

The Python unit testing framework, sometimes referred to as “PyUnit,” is a Python version of Java JUnit.
Unit testing is a software testing method by which individual units of source code, such as functions, methods, and class are tested, to establish if they are fit for use.
PyUnit forms part of the Python Standard Library from Python version 2.1 onwards and is used to create unit tests, to test the robustness of Python code.
This course is designed for the beginners to learn more about the basic functionality of Python PyUnit or Unittest.
By completion of the course, you would find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in using Python unittest and take yourself from there to the next levels.

  • UnitTest Framework - Home
  • UnitTest Framework - Overview
  • UnitTest - Framework
  • UnitTest - API
  • UnitTest - Assertion
  • UnitTest - Test Discovery
  • UnitTest - Skip Test
  • UnitTest - Exceptions Test
  • UnitTest - Time Test
  • UnitTest - Unittest2
  • UnitTest - Signal Handling
  • UnitTest - Doctest
  • UnitTest - Doctest API
  • UnitTest - Py.test Module
  • Nose Testing - Framework
  • Nose Testing - Tools

What is included in the Python UnitTest Courses:
  • Python UnitTest Course Certificate on completion
  • Python UnitTest Course notes
  • Practical Java Course exercises, Python UnitTest Code Examples
  • After the course, 1 free online revision / questions session.
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