Python Unittest Course
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Python Unittest Course Summary.

Testing plays a major role in software development.
This course will explain Python Unit Testing using the unittest built-in module.
We'll cover issues before going to the production itself and the basics of testing in Python.
Location: Instructor-led, Online.
Our Style: Hands-on, Practical Course.
Group Size: Max 4 people per group.
Qualification: PCWorkshops Unittest Certification
Duration: 1-Day, 10am-5pm

Unittest topics

UnitTest Framework - Home
UnitTest Framework - Overview
UnitTest - Framework
UnitTest - API
UnitTest - Assertion
UnitTest - Test Discovery
UnitTest - Skip Test
UnitTest - Exceptions Test
UnitTest - Time Test
UnitTest - Unittest2
UnitTest - Signal Handling
UnitTest - Doctest
UnitTest - Doctest API
UnitTest - Py.test Module
Nose Testing - Framework
Nose Testing - Tools
Included with Python Unittest Course
  • Python Unittest Certificate on completion
  • Python Unittest Notes
  • Python Unittest Examples
  • Practical Python Unittest exercises
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