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Excel Dashboards Course, 1-Day.

Excel Dashboards will summarize and present the key indications of large data in an attractive visual display, hightlighting the most important trends so the most imporatnf aspects of data could could be seen in a snap second by glancing at attractive, colourful charts. PowerPivot helps analyze the data and brings new capabilities to business users to analyse, explore and gain new insight into business and marketing data. Power Pivot help analyze and understand the growing quantities of data that are created on a daily basis.

Who should attend?
Business users who analyse data with Excel or create management reports
Excel users who want to analyze large data sets and also create relationships between tables
Excel users who know how to Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Excel users who wish to create interactive dashboards

The course duration is 1 Day.

Location: Instructor-led, Online.
Our Style: Hands-on, Practical Course.
Group Size: Max 4 people per group.
Qualification: PCWorkshops Visual Data with Excel Dashboards Certification
Hours: 1 Day, 10am-5pm

Excel Dashboards Course, Course Outline.

Introduction: Activating Power Pivot in Excel
Browse, Filter and Sort PowerPivot Data
PowerPivot Menu Options
The AutoSum Function in Power Pivot

Create Relationships with Excel PowerPivot Data
Create Relationships to Master Data
Create PivotTables with Table Relationships

Excel techniques that are essential for Dashboards:

Lookup formulae (Vlookup, Hlookup, Match, Index)
Conditional formulae (If, Countifs, And, Or, etc.)
Aggregate formulae
Advanced filters to organise columns and filter rows

Creating Excel Pivot Tables:

Creating PivotTables
Changing the Method of Calculation
Pivot Table Calculations
Filtering with Slicers
Excel PivotTable Filters and Slicers
Filtering Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts
Creating Hierarchies

Creating Visuals in Excel:

Create dashboard heat maps and other shapes
Conditional Formatting
Top and bottom filters

Creating and Formatting Charts and Graphs in Excel:

Charting: Pie, Line, Area, Column, Scatter, Bar charts,
Charting: Axes, 2D, 3D chart elements, Sizing of charts
Selecting data, changing data ranges, refreshing data
Formatting of charts
Colour and Font schemes and Customising Themes
Using Standard Chart Templates
Adding and removing chart elements
Chart Filters and Slicers

Adding inter-activity:

Forms and controls (for drop down lists to choose what you are comparing)
Dynamic Filters and Slicers
Go-to's with drop lists
Linking Excel cells to a text box
Linking cells to chart labels
Linking dynamically to changing ranges and values


Refreshing Excel Dashboards in line with changing data

Other Excel Courses

Inlcuded with the Excel Dashboards Course
  • PCWorkshops Excel Dashboards Certificate on completion
  • Excel Dashboards Notes
  • Excel Code Examples
  • Practical Excel Dashboards exercises
  • Personal attention in a small group of up to 4 delegates
About us
Learn Excel
Why Learn Excel Career Opportunities and Salary. Almost every job expects of you Excel skills and it would be best advised to skill yourself to at least intermediate level of Excel.
Excel and Maths Excel uses the usual arithmetic princples of creating formulae and also have a comprehensive set of built-in functions so that any possible mathematical calculation could be calculate using Excel.
Excal and Data Data analytics is made easy for every one in Excel. Many menu options, functions, Pivot tables, charts and more will help to summarise, find trends and analyse data.
Excel and Data Visualisation Excel has many additional tools that will help to create data visualisation and DashBoards. e.g. Excel Pivot Tables, Sparklines, Charts, Filters, Tables and more.

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