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Excel Beginners Course, 1-Day.

Learn the essential Excel Introduction, in our interactive, instructor led Live Virtual Classroom.
This Excel Introduction course is a very good introduction to essential fundamental programming concepts using Excel as programming language.
These concepts are daily used by professionals and is essential in mosts jobs.
By the end, you’ll be comfortable with Excel concepts, ribbons, formulae and the Functions Wizard.
You will gain hands-on practical experience creating a Spreadsheet from scratch on your won.

Location: Instructor-led, Online.
Our Style: Hands-on, Practical Course.
Group Size: Max 4 people per group.
Qualification: PCWorkshops Beginners Certification
Hours: 1 Day, 10am-5pm

Excel Beginners Course, Course Outline.

General Excel Environment: About Workbooks, Exploring your Workbook, Getting Help with Excel The Excel Ribbons and Menus, Introducing the ribbons
Excel Spreadsheets Basics:
The Home Ribbon: Font, Alignment, Number Formats, Format as a Table, Cell Styles

Editing your Workbook: Entering data , Modifying Cells and Data, Autofill

Cell Formatting: Enhancing a Worksheet’s Appearance, Copy Formats

Conditional Formatting

Entering basic Formulae: Creating basic formulae, Reading and understanding existing formulae

Functions: Popular functions, If-Function

Copy: Copying Data, Copying Formulae, Absolute Copies, Moving Data, Format Painter

Working with data sets: Sort, Filter, Find, Replace

Sheets: Inserting, Moving, Copying, Deleting Sheets, Colouring Sheet Tabs.

Printing and Viewing your Workbook: Using the View Tab, Managing a Single Window, Managing Multiple Windows, Printing your Workbook

Inlcuded with the Excel Beginners Course
  • Excel Beginners Certificate on completion
  • Excel Beginners Notes
  • Excel Code Examples
  • Practical Excel Beginners exercises
Book the Excel Beginners Course
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Learn Excel
Why Learn Excel Excel provides more career opportunities. Almost every job expects Excel skills and it would be best advised to skill yourself to at least intermediate level of Excel.
Excel and Maths With both the usual arithmetic princples of creating formulae and a comprehensive set of built-in functions, with Excel one is able to create any possible mathematical calculation using Excel.
Excel and Data Data analytics is made easy for every one in Excel. Many Excel menu options, functions, Excel Pivot tables, Excel charts and more will help to summarise, find trends and analyse data.
Excel and Data Visualisation Excel has many additional tools that will help to create data visualisation and DashBoards. e.g. Excel Pivot Tables, Sparklines, Charts, Filters, Tables and more.

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