Book Excel Intermediate Course, 1-Day
Excel Intermediate Course, 1-Day.

This course covers the essential Excel Intermediate, in our interactive, instructor led Live Virtual Classroom.
You already know your way around Excel e.g. you understand some of the functionality on the Home Ribbons, can move around and format cells. etc.
In the Excel intermediate course we cover in-depth functions and Formulae so that you will be able to create fantastic spreadsheets like budgets, forecasts, and more. You will be able to understand and unravel the complicated formulae created by your colleagues.
During the course you will excellent spreadsheets so that you have examples to take away.

Location: Instructor-led, Online.
Our Style: Hands-on, Practical Course.
Group Size: Max 4 people per group.
Qualification: PCWorkshops Excel Intermediate Certification
Hours: 1 Day, 10am-5pm

Excel Intermediate Course, Course Outline.

Working with Functions and Formulas
The Function Wizard
Using Functions in Excel: The 5 Popular functions
If-else function
Working with Names and Ranges
Copying formulae

Creating Formulae in Excel, general calculations.


Formatting a Range as a Table:
Properties and behaviour of a table.

Managing Tables:
Working with Tables.

Working with Tables:
Working with Records and Fields.
Filters and Sorting, Freeze panes, split, protecting and unprotecting.

Using Excel as a Database:
Advanced filter: copy only specified rows and columns from a large data set, auto mate this selective copy.

Create Pivot Table, Refresh Data.
Amend, Filter, Sort,
Format Pivot Tables,
Add additional Pivot formulae.

Pivot Charts:
Excel Pivot Charts and Sparklines.
Examples and exercises with Pivot Charts and Sparklines.

Other Excel Courses

Inlcuded with the Excel Intermediate Course
  • PCWorkshops Excel Intermediate Certificate on completion
  • Excel Intermediate Notes
  • Excel Code Examples
  • Practical Excel Intermediate exercises
  • Personal attention in a small group of up to 4 delegates
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Learn Excel
Why Learn Excel Career Opportunities and Salary. Almost every job expects of you Excel skills and it would be best advised to skill yourself to at least intermediate level of Excel.
Excel and Maths Excel uses the usual arithmetic princples of creating formulae and also have a comprehensive set of built-in functions so that any possible mathematical calculation could be calculate using Excel.
Excal and Data Data analytics is made easy for every one in Excel. Many menu options, functions, Pivot tables, charts and more will help to summarise, find trends and analyse data.
Excel and Data Visualisation Excel has many additional tools that will help to create data visualisation and DashBoards. e.g. Excel Pivot Tables, Sparklines, Charts, Filters, Tables and more.

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