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Excel Data Course, 1-Day.

This course covers the essential Excel Data Skills. Our course is interactive, instructor led Live Virtual Classroom.
This Excel Data course is on intermediate level of Excel and concentrates on the Data Analytical capabilities of Excel.
These concepts are daily used by data analysts and is a basic essential skill for data professionals.
By the end, you’ll be able to use Excel for analytics, data summaries, trends and statistics.
You will create Excel data analytical spreadsheets and samples that you can use as examples at work.

Location: Instructor-led, Online.
Our Style: Hands-on, Practical Course.
Group Size: Max 4 people per group.
Qualification: PCWorkshops Excel Data Certification
Hours: 1 Day, 10am-5pm

Excel Data Course, Course Outline.

Excel Data Course Description

Working with Files and Sheets within a workbook
Working with Excel sheets and files, calculating using multiple sheets or files, getting trends over sheets of files, linking files for auto-updating of values
Working with Names and Ranges, to simplify cell-referencing and copying of form
Working with Array Formulas getting a range of results (for each value in a range)

Working with Excel Tables/Database:
Working with Records and Fields
Working with Filters
Sorting Data

Conditional Formatting

Data Validation to maximise accurate user input
Finding errors and formulae to clean data (Trim, Left, Right, Iferror, Ifblank, etc), remove duplicates
Custom lists and using drop lists in cells

Excel Subtotals, Group, Outline

Cross Referencing data:
Match, Index

Excel Function wizard for statistical functions:
Sumif(s), Averageif(s), Countif(s)
Dsum, Daverage, Dcount

For large dataset, organising columns, remove or add columns, filter relevant records:

Advanced Filter
Setting up criteria
Using Wildcards

Summarising and categorising data and finding trends:
Excel Pivot Tables
Create Pivot Tables
Amend Pivot Tables
Create Pivot Tables Custom Calculations
Amending calculations
Working with dates, sorting pivots,
Create Pivot Charts

Overview of Excel Charts

and Sparklines

Alternative Excel Courses

Inlcuded with the Excel Data Course
  • PCWorkshops Excel Data Certificate on completion
  • Excel Data Notes
  • Excel Code Examples
  • Practical Excel Data exercises
Book the Excel Data Course
About us
Learn Excel
Excel and Data Visualisation Excel has many additional tools that will help to create data visualisation and DashBoards, e.g. Excel Pivot Tables, Sparklines, Charts, Filters, Tables and more.
Excel and Data Data analytics is made easy for every one in Excel. Many menu options, functions, Pivot tables, charts and more will help to summarise, find trends and analyse data.
Why Learn Excel Career Opportunities and Salary. Almost every job expects Excel skills and one would be best advised to gain at least intermediate Excel skills.
Excel and Maths Excel uses the usual arithmetic princples of creating formulae and also have a comprehensive set of built-in functions so that any possible mathematical calculation could be calculate using Excel.

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