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Excel Advanced Course, 1-Day.

Excel Advanced is for Excel Experts:
you work daily with Excel and your work revolves around spreadsheets and Excel databases.
This course is offered one-to-one, because we understand that individuals have varying skill levels and varying applications.

Location: Instructor-led, Online.
Our Style: Hands-on, Practical Course.
Group Size: Max 4 people per group.
Qualification: PCWorkshops Excel Advanced Certification
Hours: 1 Day, 10am-5pm

Excel Advanced Course, Course Outline.

Excel Advanced Course Description

Editing Standard Formatting Rules
Input Validate rules
Using Formulas in Conditional Formatting
Group and Outline
Filter and Sorting

Excel Tables and Advanced Filter
Working with Excel tables
Copy specific datasets from sheets, workbooks or external data


Goal seek, consolidate and scenarios

Using Form Templates
Creating Templates

Advanced Excel Lookup Functions
VLookup Function
Hlookup Function
Using the Index Function, Using the Match Function, Index and Match Together
Using the Indirect Function

Excel Advanced Functions
Using Error Functions,
Logical Functions,
Array Functions,
Rounding Functions

Advanced Excel Pivot Table Tools
Importing Pivot Table Data,
Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables,
Showing Pivot Data as a Percentage,
Creating Custom Pivot Tables Styles
Pivot Charts

Excel Macros
Creating, amending and deleting macros
Running macros
Macro menus, toolbars and shortcuts

Alternative Excel Courses

Inlcuded with the Excel Advanced Course
  • PCWorkshops Excel Advanced Certificate on completion
  • Excel Advanced Notes
  • Excel Code Examples
  • Practical Excel Advanced exercises
  • Personalised attention in a 1-1 session
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Excel and Data Data analytics is made easy for every one in Excel. Many menu options, functions, Pivot tables, charts and more will help to summarise, find trends and analyse data.
Why Learn Excel Career Opportunities and Salary. Almost every job expects Excel skills and one would be best advised to gain at least intermediate Excel skills.
Excel and Maths Excel uses the usual arithmetic princples of creating formulae and also have a comprehensive set of built-in functions so that any possible mathematical calculation could be calculate using Excel.

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