Java Threads Course
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Java Threads Course

    Duration: 1 Day
    Who would find this course useful? Java coders
    Level: Not quite basics level. It specifically concentrates on Threads Principles (Threads) in Java.
    Download: Download Java JDK and Eclipse IDE.
    For classroom courses: Bring your own device.

Java Threads Course description

General Threads Concepts

Java Threads Course Description
General Threads Concepts
Cycle of a Thread
Create a Thread by Implementing a Runnable Interface
Create a Thread by Extending a Thread Class
Major thread operations
Processes and Threads,
Thread Objects

Thread Methods
getName, getId, setName, etc
Pausing Execution with Sleep

Thread Priorities

Thread Pools
Executors, Executor Interfaces, Thread Pools, Fork/Join

What is thread synchronization?
Thread Interference,
Memory Consistency Errors,
Synchronized Methods,
Lock Objects,
Intrinsic Locks and Synchronization,
Handling interthread communication,
Handling thread deadlock,
Starvation and Livelock,
Atomic Access.

Concurrent Collections
Guarded Blocks, Immutable Objects. Strategy for Defining Immutable Objects, High Level Concurrency Objects,

Java Threads Course, 1 Day

What is included
  • PCWorkshops Course Certificate on completion
  • Java Threads Course Notes
  • Java Threads Code Examples
  • Practical exercises
  • After the course: 1-Hour personalised online revision session
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