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Java Intermediate 5-Day Course, Java Front-ends Course

Java Intermediate Front-ends Course summary

Fast-paced front end and Java Android Studio course for delegates who already know the basics of Java.

Java Intermediate Course Desciption

Java Intermediate and object orientated programming.
Delegates already have basic Java Skills.
In this course we expand on OO Programing, Database and data structures.
Then, we focus course on Graphical User Interfaces and Building front-ends.
We cover Web services basics.
This course is very practical course giving you hands-on practice.
3 Consecutive Days, the first of which shows as the booking date.

Session 1: Database Concepts

Brief revision of Object Orientated Principles
DataBase and data structures:
Generics, Wrapper classes
Collections: Lists, Sets, Maps, Trees
SQL, database principles and JDBC

Session 2: Concurrency

Create worker threads using Runnable, Callable and use an ExecutorService to concurrently execute tasks
Use java.util.concurrent collections and classes including CyclicBarrier and CopyOnWriteArrayList
Write thread-safe code
Identify threading problems such as deadlocks and livelocks

Session 3: GUI's with Java FX

Building Java FX GUI's
Define events and event handling
Examine the Java SE event model
Determine the user action that originated an event
Develop event listeners
GUI-Based Applications
Menu's and menu items in a Java GUI
Create a movie ticket interface using Java FX

Session 4: GUI's with Java Swing

Building Java Swing GUI's
Define events and event handling
Determine the user action that originated an event
Develop event listeners
Menu's and menu items in a Java GUI
Create a movie ticket interface using Java SWING

Session 5: Android

Webservices What are Web Services? Why Web Services? Web Services - Characteristics Web Services - Architecture Web Services - Examples and exercises

Session 6:Android

Building Apps Using Android Studio
Install Android Studio on Windows
Config Android SDK (Windows)
Hello World App
Hello World Android Virtual Device
Hello World - Run on an AVD
Hello World - Run on a Physical Android Device
Creating The Basic GUI
The Layouts
Button Click App
Calculator App
Send and sms
Send an email
Get and display your Geo Position
Creating The App’s Theme

Session 7: Android Database

Database driven app

What is included in the Java Courses:
  • Java Course Certificate on completion
  • Java Course notes
  • Practical Java Course exercises, Java Code Examples
  • After the course, 1 free session for questions online Java Course via
  • Max group size on this Java Course is 4.
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