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    Java Course London Boot Camp, 3 months, classroom OR Online:
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What do you gain from the course:

Skills & knowledge: Java programming knowledge and understanding with good practical application
Certification: Internal PCWorkshops certificate
Portfolio: You will have an online portfolio of Java projects
Experience: Our comprehensive practicals make you job ready
CV: We partner with recruiters to draft your CV professionally
Job Search: Interviews with recuiters
Job Search: We assist with your job search and introduce you to employers
Oracle Exams: Exam Prep


Duration: 3 months
Study level: Start from scratch through to job ready.
Times: Mondays - Fridays, 11am -6pm
Virual attendance: You can attend online
Classroom:Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street, London WC2N 4JF
What to bring: Your own laptop
FAQ's: Faq's
How to book: Click here
Included: Notes, Exercises, Online materials, Exams and Evaluations

What you will learn

  • Week 1: Java Programming Basics.
  • Week 2: Object Orientated programming. Java Beyond Basics.
  • Week 3: Database principles and SQL.
  • Week 4: Java Data Structures and Collections, I/O Fundamentals / JDBC.
  • Week 5: Lab Week. Create an event booking system, or choose from a few interesting options.
  • Week 6: Java Test-Driven Development with JUnit
  • Week 7: Spring & Hybernate.
  • Week 8: JavaFX Frontends.
  • Week 9: Android Apps with the Android Studio
  • Week 10: Lab week. Create a game.
  • Week 11: HTML & CSS. JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Week 12: Final project and Theory test, serving as exam prep for the Oracle Exams.

Java Course FAQ's - read more

PCWorkshops will supply you with information about loan schemes that are available for the Java Course London.
You may apply to pay in installments.

We assist with your job search: We draft a professional CV. We provide typical interview questions. You will do mock interviews.
This is not just a Java Course. We give you plenty of opportunity to enter into contests to practice for interview tests.
During the Java Course London Boot Camp the introduce you to potential employers.
Use your own laptop or use ours at the Java Course London Boot Camp.
You could purchase a laptop from PCWorkshops at £300 as student of the Java Course.
Eclipse editor
Java SE8 JDK
For schoolleavers: Computer Literacy. Maths. Ideally IT on GCSE level.
For others: Some working experience in IT.
For all: Pre-course interview by phone.
Prospective students may make an appointment to come to meet with us beforehand.
Students should try to download the specified software before the start of the Java Course London Boot Camp.

Course dates 2020

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