SQL Course, Queries. 1-Day

An intensive, hands-on 1-day SQL course on SQL queries!

SQL course, Queries, 1-day

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SQL Course summary

Get interesting, insightful and essential business intelligence from data by using SQL queries on this SQL Course. Queries are made easy and simple by this hands-on, practical course. Ask your SQL questions in small, friendly classroom SQL Course. Save hours of online training.

This course is Platform Independant.

SQL Course Outline

Relational Database Concepts
What is a Relational Database?
Tables, Rows and Columns, Indexes, Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
Data Types

SQL Language Essentials
The SQL Select Statement
SQL Conditions and the Where Clause
The SQL Order By Clause
SQL Arithmetic Operations
SQL Column Aliases

SQL Summarizing and Grouping Data
Aggregate Functions
The Group By Clause
The Having Clause

Querying Multiple Tables
Joining Tables
Inner Joins, Outer Joins, Self Joins, Full Joins, Alternative Join Syntax

Additional SQL Features
Combining Queries
The Union, Intersect and Minus Operators
Basic Subqueries

Day Plan, SQL Course

Day Plan, SQL Course
11:00 Arrivals and registration
11:10 Introductions, Lectures and practicals
13:00 Lunch break
13:30 Lectures and practicals
18:00 Finish

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£350 per person
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- Other Locations: Milton Keynes, Southend-on-Sea, Portsmouth

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