Oracle Database Fundamentals Course

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Oracle Fundamentals SQL Course

SQL Course summary

The Oracle SQL Fundamentals course is designed to give delegates practical experience in writing Oracle SQL statements and scripts.

After successfully completing this certification, delegates will be able to learn how to; create Oracle SQL statements to query database tables, use standard aggregate functions and related SELECT statement clauses, Implement extended SQL functions and many other useful skills.

Other vital skills that delegates will learn include; performing flashback operations, creating and using external tables as well as controlling user access to database objects.

The examinations are not included as a part of this course and will need to be purchased separately via Pearson Vue

Oracle SQL Course Desciption
  • Session 1: Relational database concept
  • Session 2: Using SQL developer
  • Session 3: Retrieving and filtering data with the select statement,using filter operations
  • Session 4: Expression Queries
  • Session 5: Aggregate functions, having
  • Session 6: Enhanced grouping features
  • Session 7: Joining tables
  • Session 8: Numeric Functions, String Functions
  • Session 9: Date Functions
  • Session 10: Date, time and timezone support
  • Session 11: Conversion and miscellaneous
  • Session 12: SQL Parameters
  • Session 13: SQL Stored procedures
  • Session 14: Managing tables
  • Session 15: Managing indexes and views
  • Session 16: Managing sequences and synonyms
  • Session 17: Retrieve data using subqueries
  • Session 18: Hierarchical queries
  • Session 19: Manage large data sets, Using Sub-queries, Temp tables
  • Session 20: Flashback technology
  • Session 21: Regular expression support
  • Session 22: Manage objects with the data dictionary
  • Session 23: Manage Schema Objects
  • Session 24: Access control

What is included in this Oracle SQL Course:

Oracle SQL Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
Oracle SQL Course notes
Practical Oracle SQL Course exercises, Oracle SQL Course Homework / Oracle SQL Course Revision work
Tea, coffees, but no lunch
To assist after the course, 1 free online session for questions Oracle SQL Course..
Max group size on this Oracle SQL Course is 4.

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