Database Design and Data Normalisation

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Database Design and Data normalisation, 1-Day Course

Course summary

Relational Databases & Data Normalisation Overview Training Course.
Learn how to decide which tables and columns are required for a database, plan relationships, how to decide on data types and how to relate tables.

Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Relational Databases
The Database Approach
Database Management Systems
The function of a Database Management System
The Processing Architecture
The Schema Architecture
The Storage Architecture
An overview of Database System Development
An overview of general database principles

Session 2: Conceptual Data Models
Overview of Entity Models
Entities and how to identify them
Attributes and how to identify them
Relationships and their qualities
Building an Entity Relationship Diagram
Resolving many-to-many relationships
Sub-type and Super-type Relationships
Arc Relationships
Recursive Relationships
Constraints and Assumptions
Normalization to the First Normal Form (1NF)
Normalization to the Second Normal Form (2NF)
Normalization to the Third Normal Form (3NF)
Exercises: Analyzing a specification
Creating an Entity Relationship Diagram from it

Session 3: The Relational Model
Relational Structure
Relational Terminology
A Relational schema
Candidate keys and Primary Keys
Foreign Keys
Key Constraints
Attribute Constraints
Implementing Sub-type/Super-type Relationships
Denormalization using Pre-joined Tables
Denormalization using Derived Data
An Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
Simple Queries
Simple Updates of the Data

What is included in this Database Course:

Database Design and Data Normalization Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
Database Course notes
Practical Database Course exercises, Database Course Homework / Database Course Revision work
Bring your own laptop, or make arrangements beforehand to use ours
Tea, coffees, but no lunch
After the course, 1 free, online session forquestions or revision on the Database Course.
Max group size on this Database Course is 4.

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