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We customise programming course outlines on request.
We customise database course outlines on request. We could work with your data or use sample data.
We use delegates' own data and examples on request.
PCWorkshops offers Programming Courses and Database Courses in the classroom, locations in the UK, mainly London.
We prefer to work with small groups of about 4 people, to make sure that each person gets suitable training.
Companies sometimes opt to book a group of their own colleagues exclusively.
Tune in to our virtual Java Courses, SQL courses and Excel Courses via Teamviewer.
Delegates could see each other.
Interact with chat messages.
Screen sharing with the tutor.
Learn from anywhere with convenience.
All the standard MS Office courses and MS Access courses are offered on a 1-1 basis and
could be booked as such via the website.
Companies could of course request group bookings.
We give personalised attention and adapt to the students' learning style.
PCWorkshops takes care in structuring course content in well designed and well-paced lessons.
Our programming courses involves a high percentage practical time with examples and exercises.
Our database courses involves a practical time data queries with real-life examples and exercises.
Our trainers are experienced programmers and database developers. They are also experienced trainers. We have award winning trainers.

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Reasons for learning Java Programming Language

Java is the best programming language in terms of community support, career opportunities and development

  • Java is Easy to learn: Java has fluent English like syntax with magic characters e.g. curly brackets, angle brackets, semi-colon, etc, which makes it easy to read and understand a Java program
  • Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language: Developing OOP application is much easier and it keeps a system modular, flexible and extensible. Another reason, why Java is so popular.
  • Java has Rich API: Java provides API for I/O, networking, utilities, XML parsing, database connection, and almost everything. Whatever left is covered by open source libraries like Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, Gson, Apache POI, and others. 
  • Java is supported by powerful development tools e.g. Eclipse, Netbeans
  • Java has a large collection of Open Source libraries
  • Excellent Community Support
  • Java is FREE
  • The official Oracle Documentation provides professional and detailed documentation support
  • Java is Platform Independent: A Great reason for Java being the best programming language.
  • Java is Everywhere: Java is everywhere, on the desktop, on mobile, on the card, everywhere and so are Java programmers. Java programmers still outnumber other programming language professionals.

Reasons for learning Python

  • Python is very popular and is used in many areas e.g. Web development, Automation, Data Science, Machine learning, etc.
  • In recent years, Python has also become a default language for Data Science and Machine learning Projects. Many experienced programmers are learning Python in 2019 for this reason.
  • Our Python basics covers  all major Python topics e.g. Data Types, Iterables, Files and Resource management, Modularity, Objects, Class, Collections, Handling errors, API’s as well deployment of Python applications.
  • The Python Data Analysis course covers Lbraries, such as Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib.
  • The Python Machine Learning Course covers topics such as Basics of Statistics, Machine Learning concepts, Libraries such as Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, SciKit-Learn and Matplotlib.

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PCWorkshops specialises in Programming Courses, Database courses and MS Project Courses.

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