SQL SSRS 2-Day Course

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Visual data with Microsoft SQL Server SSRS Reports, 2-Day Course

Course summary

This course focus on producing reports using MS SQL SSRS: how to use the product features and tools related to data retrieval, visualisations and deployment. The Target Audience: end-users who will produce reports for their department or group without in-depth SQL knowledge.

Course Outline

Report Models
Data source views
Creating a model
Entities, attributes and roles
Creating tables
Interactive sorting
Floating headers
Inserting groups
Group headers/footers
Displaying group totals
Expanding and collapsing
The expression builder
The Report Items collection
Built-in fields
Conditional formatting expressions
Page headers and footers
Page names and numbers
Exporting reports
The various report formats
Using RenderFormat.Name
Creating parameters
Filtering using parameters
Drop list parameters
Coping with empty tables
Row and column groups
Sorting and filtering matrices
Creating subtotals
Creating charts
The parts of a chart
Formatting charts
Basic reports
Text boxes and images
Selecting report items
Formatting parts of a report
Miniature charts
Creating sparklines
Creating data bars
Graphical indicators
Creating and customising indicators
Linear and radial gauges
Page-per-record lists
Dashboard lists
Other list ideas
Creating a child report
Creating the main report
Linking the two reports
Report parts
Publishing report parts
The report part gallery
Updating report parts

What is included in this SSRS Course:

SSRS Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
SSRS Course notes
Practical SSRS Course exercises, SSRS Course Homework / SSRS Course Revision work
Bring your own laptop, or make arrangements beforehand to use ours
Tea, coffees, but no lunch
After the course, 1 free, online session forquestions or revision on the SSRS Course.
Max group size on this SSRS Course is 4.

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