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Java OOP Programming 1-Day Course

Duration: 1 Day
Who would find this course useful? This is useful if you have some coding skills already.
What to bring along: Bring your own device. Download Java JDK and Eclipse.

Session 1

Using packages
Creating and calling methods, parameters, method overloading
Data protection through encapsulation

Session 2:
Classes, object construction
Inheritance, method overload and override
Polymorphism or runtime binding

Session 3:
Constructors, parameterised constructors
Create abstract classes and methods
Create and use an interface

Session 4:
Use the access modifiers protected and the default (package-friendly)
Create static variables, methods, and initialisers
Create final classes, methods, and variables

Session 5:
Create separate threads in a Java technology program, controlling the code and data that are used by that thread

What is included in this Java OOP Course:

Java OOP Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
Java OOP Course notes
Practical Java OOP Course exercises, Java OOP Course Homework / Java OOP Course Revision work
Bring your own laptop, or make arrangements beforehand to use ours
Tea, coffees, but no lunch
After the course, 1 free, online session forquestions or revision on the Java OOP Course.
Max group size on this Java OOP Course is 4.

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