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Android Course

Course summary

  • Basics:
  • Course Contents: Android Basics,Android - Environment Setup,Android - Application Components,Resources ,Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers,Content Providers,Fragments,Intents/Filters
  • Android User Interface:UI Layouts & UI Controls & Event Handling,Templates,Custom Fonts and Formats
  • Widgets: Receiving user input and responding,Loading Spinners, Progress Circle, ProgressBar,Spelling Checker, Auto Complete,Create a calculator and a responsive grid for a game
  • Database: PHP/MySQL,SQLite Database,Create a program to sell movietickets
  • Android Advanced Concepts: Sending Email,Sending SMS,Phone Calls,GPS: Find location, show location, track
  • Additional Android Examples: Localization,Google Maps,Bluetooth,NFC Guide,Wi-Fi

What is included in this Android Course:

Android Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
Android Course notes
Practical Android Course exercises, Android Course Homework / Android Course Revision work
Bring your own laptop, or make arrangements beforehand to use ours
Tea, coffees, but no lunch
After the course, 1 free, online session forquestions or revision on the Android Course.
Max group size on this Android Course is 4.

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