£40 - Excel Pivot Tables!

Learn to create Pivot Table. in 45 Minutes!
Pivot Tables are easy create.
Pivot Tables give you a quick, summarised view of large data sets.
Learn to create, edit, customise pivots and draw Charts.

Course Details

How much: £40.
Where: 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY - Near Trafalgar Square
When: We run the course every Friday
Times: 9am - 10am

  • Create a Pivot Table

    Select data, identify groupings
    and values to summarize.
    Add more groupings and values.

  • Calculations

    Change default values,
    create custom formulae.

  • Display

    Change display options.
    Change layout options.
    Add readability with colours.

  • Add Charts

    Pie, Column, Area Charts, etc.
    Chart filters.

  • Referring to values

    Working with spreadheets using
    values that refers to a Pivot Table.

  • Linked Filters

    Using linked filter,
    Top values, Percentages.

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What is Included

Course notes.
Practical Exercises and code examples to take home.
Teas and coffees

Bringing your own computer? Let us know.

Where is the Excel Pivot Table Course?

8 Northumberland Avenue
London's most central location
Near Trafalgar Square. Near Charing Cross and Embankment stations

Why do the "Excel Pivot Tables in 45 Minutes" Course?

  • Get valuable business information
    of your data.
  • Data Summarised Usefully.
  • The course makes it easy.
  • Learn a lot fast.
  • It is early -
    before work.
  • Central London.


Do you have questions?

Please call 020 7641 6359 or email trainin@pcworkshopslondon.co.uk to ask your questions!