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Python Data Analytics Boot Camp. Virtual Classroom

Python Virtual Classroom. Course summary

This compact Python evening course London organized by PCWorkshops, aims to give you Python skills effectively, easy and without effort.
Remember, coding gets better with practice.
We promise to make it very interesting!

Python Data Analytics Course. Virtual Classroom

Prerequisite: Variables, Decisions, For Loops, While Loops, Print to and read from console, List Basics.

The Python basics course is also available .


Sessions daily 5:15 - 5:45 pm, Monday-Friday for 3 weeks , British Summer Time, or request time for your time zone

Only the Start Dates show on the website

Part 1:

Lesson 1: Create Custom Functions
Lesson 2: Create a class, create an object, self keyword
Lesson 3: Constructors, Super and self keywords
Lesson 4: Inheritance, Override, Class and Instance variables
Friday Revision: Request a topic

Part 2:

Lesson 5: Lists
Lesson 6: Dictionary Session 1
Lesson 7: Nested Dictionaries Session 2, Json Files: Reading and writing
Lesson 8: Numpy Arrays
Lesson 9: Numpy Arrays

Part 3:

Lesson 10: Pandas data frame, create and get info. Csv, Excel, Json to data frame.
Lesson 11: Pandas Data Frame, Slice and sampling random rows
Lesson 12: Pandas Data frame Filter and Sort
Lesson 13: Pandas Data frames. Working with nan values, calculations, functions
Lesson 14: Pandas Group, Join, Merge.

How it works:
  • This is offered via, your connections instructions are issued when you book.
  • Price £90 ( Normal price £800 of £750 for advanced bookings)
  • Total Number of sessions are 15, 30 Minutes, daily 5:15 - 5:45pm, Monday-Friday for 3 weeks , British Summer Time, or request time for your time zone
  • The price if fixed for the collection of sessions, you could attend all or some
  • Connection link is supplied upon booking
Hardware and software requirement:
  • Internet connection
  • Download and test the Spyder
What is included in the Python Courses:
  • Python Course Certificate on completion
  • Python Course notes
  • Practical Python Course exercises, Python Course Homework / Python Course Revision work
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