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    LONDON: Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street, London, WC2N 4JF

Python Studio Course, 3-Hours Taster Session


    Where: CCI Office at the mini round about at the corner of Horseferry Road / Great Peter Street / Horseferry Road
    Victoria, London, SW1P 2HR. Near St. James' Park Tube
    When: Every SATURDAY
    Times: 1pm - 4pm (3 hours)
    Laptops: Please bring you own.
    Download: Download from For assistance with downloads, email us beforehand.
    To use our laptop: Please arrange beforehand.

    Code the Hangman Game

  • Brief Overview of Python to get you starting with the Python.
  • Have some fun, Create the Hangman Game.
  • Great for coders of other languages, as crossover course.

  • What is included in this Python Course:

    Python Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
    Python Course notes
    Practical Python Course exercises, Python Course Homework / Python Course Revision work
    Bring your own laptop, or make arrangements beforehand to use ours
    Tea, coffees, but no lunch
    After the course, 1 free, online session for questions or revision on the Python Course.
    Max group size on this Python Course is 4.

    What will you learn

    • STEP 1

      Using variables. Integers.
      Strings. String Functions

    • STEP 2

      Getting user input from console.
      Decision Making(If-else, Switch)

    • STEP 3

      For and While Loops
      Repeat code by using loops.

    • STEP 4

      Lists: Create, Update, Iterate Lists.
      Using indexes to refer to
      individual values.

    • STEP 6

      Object Oriented Programming
      Functions. Classes. Objects.

    • STEP 6

      Have some fun
      Create the Hangman Game

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