Excel Introduction Course

Excel Introduction Course

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Microsoft Excel Course: Introduction, Private 1-to-1, PC and Mac Versions 2007 upwards

Excel Course summary

During this intensive one-day Excel course you will master the main features of Microsoft Office Excel. It is entirely ‘hands on’ and you will practice creating and modifying actual spreadsheets.

Excel Course Outline

Getting Started with Excel: About Workbooks, Exploring your Workbook, Getting Help with Excel The Excel Ribbons and Menus: The Quick Access Toolbar and File Menu, The Home Tab, The Insert Tab, The Page Layout Tab, The Formulas Tab, The Data Tab, The Review Tab
Excel Course Basics:
Working with Excel, Basic Excel Features, Moving Data, Smart Tags and Options Buttons, Editing Tools
Copying Data
Inserting, Moving, Copying, Deleting sheets, Colouring sheettabs
Editing your Workbook:
Entering data, Modifying Cells and Data,
Cell Formatting, Enhancing a Worksheet’s Appearance, Copy Fomats
Conditional Formatting
Entering basic Formulae: Creating basic formulae, Popular functions, reading and understanding existing formulae
Working with data sets: Sort, Filter, Find, Replace
Printing and Viewing your Workbook: Using the View Tab, Managing a Single Window, Managing Multiple Windows, Printing your Workbook
Working with Charts: Creating Charts, Selecting Chart Data, Working with Chart Options
Inserting Drawings, Inserting Smartart

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What is included in this Excel Course:

Excel Course Certificate on completion (assessment based)
Excel Course notes
Practical Excel Course exercises, Excel Course Homework / Excel Course Revision work
Tea, coffees, but no lunch
To assist after the course, 1 free session for questions online Excel Course via Skype or Teamviewer.

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